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The intention of this website is to promote the Life Mapping Process and Book to help you move
forward in creating the life you want.  This requires some soul searching honesty on your part.  

Life Mapping Online is designed to support you on your journey -  cleaning up your baggage,
shifting your thinking, releasing anchors and sidestepping pitfalls and detours that take you away
from what you really want.  I want you to move to wholeness, health, wealth and happiness.

This is Our Year!

Nurture and manifest all the seeds you have been planting this year
and start living the life you have always dreamed of.  
You can do it.  We can all do it.

It takes
and compassion.

Get the support you need to make it happen.  If you don't know what
that is, use Life Mapping to help you figure that out.  
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Change Your Life Anyway
If you missed the Change Your Life Anyway Teleseminar,
November 6-8th, you can get the recording for all 15 master
teachers including Monika Moss for only $197.00.  
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more information.

New Book:  Life Mapping Journey Journal is now available.  
Use this journal to answer the questions from LM exercises, keep track of
your progress, and track your growth and learning.
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"This book really will change your life. I am
living each day just as I want it to be. It is a
tool that would change your life. Life
Mapping brings clarity on how to manifest
your ideal lifestyle by doing and writing it
down the correct way to make things

Heather Stewart, Cleveland, Ohio

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