Use Life Mapping to get your house in order for 2012.  Listen well, prepare for
the changes that are coming, find the peace and happiness you only dreamed of
until now.  Monika Moss, is an extraordinary coach and advisor.  Let her teach
you what is needed as you join the new age.

    "I have been on a life long journey to wholeness. I have used many
    methods to get there, most importantly Life Mapping. I have found my
    purpose and that is what led me to write this book, Life Mapping: A
    Journey of Self Discovery and Path Finding. I am living my dream and I
    am happy and at peace. And you can find the same."  

People say Life Mapping gives them the insights they need to see and the
process to do the things they envision.  Come experience this for yourself. Life
Mapping is a life enhancing process that leads you to living the life you always
dreamed of but never thought possible.

Life Mapping uses principle of awareness coupled with Universal law to support
you where ever you are in your life to see what is important to you with clarity,
move away from judgment and begin to peel back the layers of conditioning that
keep you away from the happiness, peace, relationships, and material things
you want most.  It allows you to free yourself to take action on your life's purpose.

How does Life Mapping do this?
1. By helping you get in touch with who you are without judgment so
you can begin to love and trust yourself;
2. By allowing you to reconnect to your spirit so you can heal your
spirit and move through the stuck places that are standing
between you and what you desire most;
3. And by loving you even when you don’t love your self.
The Life Mapping Process:

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