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Monika is available to share Life Mapping with you and your group. To
bring Monika to your city,
contact us.
Personal Life Mapping One-Day Retreat

Create a special day for you and your friends.  This is also a great opportunity for
couples to get on the same page about what they want to create together.  Schedule a
one-day retreat to get a jump start on creating your ideal lifestyle right now.

Monika will come to you and create a customized experience for up to 10 people.

This one-day retreat will guide you
and your group through the process so you leave
with a clear vision, new awareness about what is getting in the way
, and an action plan
for the next 90 days to guide you and keep you focused.  

  • Create your life map & action plan
  • Identify blocks and obstacles to your vision
  • Bond as a continuing circle of support

Agenda Topic:
  • Welcome
  • Introductions:  Getting to know each other and yourself
  • Orienteering:  Getting oriented to the process
  • Vision:  Seeing the Unseen
  • Current Reality:  Where Are You Now
  • Free Your Mind: Removing Blocks to Your Vision
  • Directions:  Creating the Road Map
  • On the Road:  Implementing Your Strategy
  • Turning Snags into Stairs: Strategies for Overcoming Obstacles and Staying on
  • Living and Loving Your Life: Enjoying the Journey

"This book really will change your life. I am
living each day just as I want it to be. It is a
tool that would change your life. Life
Mapping brings clarity on how to manifest
your ideal lifestyle by doing and writing it
down the correct way to make things

Heather Stewart, Cleveland, Ohio
For Dates, Schedules
and Fees