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Life Mapping Online
Monika K. Moss-Gransberry

My name is Monika K. Moss-Gransberry.  I have been on a life long journey to wholeness.
I have used many methods to get there including theatre, art, therapy, books, religion and
other spiritual practices, leadership training, coaching, and most importantly Life Mapping.
I have found my purpose and that is what led me to write the book, Life Mapping: A
Journey of Self Discovery and Path Finding. I am hear to learn and teach unconditional
love.  I do this through the process called Life Mapping.  My intention of the support each
person I encounter moving towards their ideal lifestyle in a way that supports them being
healthy, happy, and whole.

Life Mapping is a life enhancing process that leads you to living the life you always
dreamed of but never thought possible. I am living my dream and I am happy and I am at
peace. I have used this process to do my healing work, to move through the blocks and
obstacles that were holding me back. And now everyday, I get to help others do the same.  

I have all the credentials that people say I should have, degrees, certifications,
experience.  But what is most important is that I am a living example of what I want to share
with you.

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“My first encounter with Monika, in 1994;
lead me to know this was someone very
special.  Over the last twelve years, I’ve
watched the experience of time,
information, love, grace, hope and peace,
mold Ms Moss into a map, a real journey to
self.  I find the book completely engaging
and an accurate account of what I have
seen over the last twelve years.”
John Harris, Utica, New York