Creating Your Next Act: Identifying & Envisioning the Transition

This series is in support of all of you who are in a personal or professional life transition.  It is intended to support you in clarifying what you want, your choices, and the best way to move forward to get it.  Over the next few months, I will walk you through the Life Mapping process in support of your life transition or next act. If your transition is immediate, check out the webinar on .

Life is like a good movie or play.  There are phases to your life story, and as you grow and evolve, transitions occur.  Like from adolescence to adulthood, or young adulthood to family life, or moving into what I call the third act, your elderhood and retirement.  Each phase requires that you recognize a few things:

1.      Accept and identify the transition.

2.      Envision your transition path.

3.      Create a plan that will support your preferred way of manifesting that transition.

Accept and identify the transition 

It is a natural human impulse to think about what’s next.  I am watching my pre-teen grandchildren envision both their next phase of education and draw out the type of house they want to live in once they establish their careers. They are 10 and 12 yrs old.  That kind of dreaming is great to help you discover what you want without the restraint of real-life economics.  The next question they must answer and maybe you too is, are they willing to do whatever it takes to achieve their vision and goals.

Envision your transition path 

As adults, we are already driving down the road we have chosen.  And yet, there is always the opportunity to take a new path. Sometimes, opportunity presents itself. It might be a new job, a relationship, or entrepreneurial opportunity.  In our case, Everett and I committed to making a way for the next 7 generations of our family.  When COVID hit, we invited our oldest daughter and our grandchildren to live with us as they made their own transition.  That opportunity changed all of our lives forever in the best way possible.  As we were making that decision, we paused to set intentions and we clarified our motivations at each stage of the process as new developments and opportunities presented themselves. 

On the other side, we were envisioning our third act, our retirement and legacy.  Several people working to envision their third act have joined our Life Mapping community ( ) .  In our last workshop, multiple individuals achieved clarity about their desired lifestyle, day-to-day activities,  and the legacy they aimed to leave as they embarked on this next phase of their lives.  We talked about strategy and preparation, but I will address that in the next blog in this series.

Create a plan 

Engaging with your ideas and clarifying your vision is crucial.  Keep engaging with it as you move forward to create a plan and begin to implement it. 

From the vision, you will naturally see goals and action steps.  Start from where you are and create a very practical plan that moves your vision forward.  I recommend annual goals and 90-Day Benchmarks or subgoals with a 90-day Action Plan.  This keeps things organic and moves your  vision forward in practical ways.  Imagine 4 quarterly 90 day action plans with 3-5 action steps.  That is 12-20 tasks you will have completed in a year towards your goals.  And all of that  without putting yourself into overwhelm.  The implications of moving powerfully forward in this way are amazing.  We will go into this further in future blogs in this series. 

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