Creating Your Next Act: Preparing for the Change

Last month, we talked about envisioning change or transition.  The next step is working through the preparation and creating a plan.  For some, this might be easy and straightforward.  For others, depending on the life transition, this might be a bit more complex.  This is often when people use a coach to support their exploration of choices.  Because each person’s plan will be different. 

Things to consider:

  • How far away is your current reality from your vision?
  • What is your capacity to make the change you want to pursue?
  • For career transitions, what skills or additional education do you need to fulfill the requirements of your new career goals?
  • What is this transition going to cost?  Will you need to relocate?
  • What other actions will you need to take to accomplish this vision or goal?
  • What is a realistic timeline?
  • What else needs to be considered?

The power behind this part of the process is putting your thoughts and ideas on paper.  Do the research, don’t just guess. Assumptions are death to a plan if you don’t check them out to be sure you have good solid information. 

You may have several choices.  Explore and research each of the choices that appeal to you, especially the cost and timeline to pursue each choice. Even create a budget so you can get a good handle on what each choice costs.  Everything costs something, so you want to consider that reality.

Then you can look at all of your work and choose the best path for you.

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