Daily Manifestation Practices to Focus Your Thoughts

Daily Manifestation Practices to Focus Your Thoughts

The daily practice of manifesting starts with controlling your thoughts. In order to manifest what we want we must focus our thoughts and words more on what we do want and resist focusing on what we don’t want.  We must  raise our vibration. 

I was talking to a friend who was in a negative thought binge.  Her bank account was empty and bills were due.  She blamed everyone, including her ex-husband. She started to beat herself up with her words about how she couldn’t make good decisions, and more.  I had to interrupt her with some hard words, before she could create more distress in the situation with the power of her words.  She couldn’t reframe her thinking at the time because she was in such 0anguish behind her judgement of herself about her financial situation.

It is so important that we practice the art of focusing our thoughts daily so that when things go wrong, we have the muscle memory to be able to do it under distress.

Here are some tips on how to stay focused that you can practice every day:

1.       Visualize. Write down your vision and your goals. Place your goals where you can see them every day.

2.       Reframe. When you start down the road of what’s wrong or what you don’t want, stop! Reframe that statement into what you do want. Anytime you hear yourself saying the word “not” – can’t, don’t, won’t, should, shouldn’t, wouldn’t etc., reframe the statement in terms of what you do want.

3.       Stay in gratitude.  Pay attention to what you are grateful for even when things are challenging; make a list.

4.       Meditate.  Twenty minutes of silence, where you can clear your mind, is enough to reset your vibration.  If you can’t meditate, take a nap. A 20-minute nap will also reset your vibration.

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