Deep in the Transformation

We are deep in the transformation of mankind.  Our awareness of the injustices of our world have been magnified for us to see without excuses.  Our societal systems are crashing all around us.

We are in an unprecedented time of ambiguity and manipulation i.e. skillful handling and transformation.  There are those who’s manipulation is based in fear, darkness, scarcity, selfishness, trauma and suffering.  There are others who’s manipulation is based in light, love, graciousness, goodness, honesty, truth, and transparency.

And as we move through this transformation, the question is: who’s vision of the future will manifest.  It is up to each of us and what we think and pay attention to, each word uttered, our collective actions and our collective prayers.

I would suggest that we pay attention to connecting powerfully to our spirit so we can discern truth from lies and remember what we really want.

To get connected powerfully with our spirit, to be still.  It is time to still your minds, still your body, and still your heart, to quiet your emotions and mental chatter, and then wait.  Wait in silence for the reconnection of you to your inner guidance.  Wait for the inspiration to think thoughts that acknowledge your deepest wants for love, abundance, freedom, wellbeing.  It is from this place of waiting and listening that you will find the real answers to all that you want and desire.  It is from this place that you will find your humanity.  And once you find your humanity, you will know what to do and what to say.  It is from this quiet place inside yourself, that speaks without words, that is pure knowing, that is pure light and love, that is connected to all that there is…. It is from this place of knowing that you can discern truth from lies. It is from this place that you can change the world because everything is possible.  It is from this place that you can fulfill your purpose.  It is from this place that you will be whole, that you will be happy, that you will find meaning and fulfillment in your life.  And it won’t matter what you do for a living, it won’t matter what others say or think, it won’t matter how you are perceived by others, you will do that thing that you came to do.  It is from this place that you can manifest a world that is perfectly suitable to you, that is humane, loving, caring, just, abundantly generous and prosperous. It is all there.  You have asked through your prayers, your thoughts, your desires.

And the process of connecting to your spirit will allow you to manifest all that you desire without taking away from anyone else, without forcing anyone else to shift or change.  The process of connecting to your spirit will allow you to manifest a world that is full of peace, love, health, and abundance for you and all others who connect to their spirit.  It will usher in the transformation of our world, one heart, one mind, one spirit at a time.  That transformation can take generations or it can happen in an instant.  It is all up to us.  I encourage you to find those with loving spirits, whose words are aligned with their actions, and join with them to lift up yourself and support others to lift themselves up in a good way.

In our Life Mapping Community, we are lifting ourselves up without judgment or condemnation, with light, support, love, and a process that allows us to discover our true nature and our true gifts and abilities to create everything we desire.  I invite you to join us during these important times and reconnect with who you really are, that little boy or little girl who’s spirit was once untainted, who’s joy was unbound, and who’s imagination and creativity new no limits.  Connect with that part of yourself and grow, heal, and prosper.


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