Healing & the Law of Attraction

So many of our Life Mapping Community members, are coming wanting to find ways to heal from the negative experiences in their lives. Healing is an interesting word. It means different things to different people. Merriam-Webster online dictionary, “to heal” to make sound or whole, to restore to health; to cause (an undesirable condition) to be overcome, to patch up(a breach or division).

So I have been thinking about all of the ways I have found myself healing or healed. The theme or connective parts all have to do with what I believe. Looking at or working through the situation, what was my part, what was not? What did I choose to believe? What did I accept? Sometimes I believed something about myself that was untrue or a lie and led me to accept behavior that was unacceptable. Sometimes I believed something for someone who could not believe that for themselves and then they did not live up to that thing I had believed. Sometime, I didn’t pay attention to the red flags, the sure warning signs and make a change in time. That could apply to my health or my relationships. I can say that I carry an extra 40 pounds on my body because of my beliefs around food, what I need, what I have become accustomed to eating. I have not been willing to make the consistent shift in my behaviors because I want to continue to believe I can eat the way I did as a kid and stay slim despite the fact that my body has changed and my needs are different. And I continue to be under the influence of TV commercials and other forms of marketing that don’t align with what I know inside my spirit and body.

Dis – ease unaddressed moves the body to disease. So for me it all starts with our thoughts and feelings and beliefs. And once disease sets in, our western medicine moves to cut out or get rid of the symptoms of the disease so the body can be restored. And if our spirit or mind is not restored at the same time, if the cause of the dis – ease is not addressed as well, then we can easily recreate the problem again with our thoughts/words and actions. That applies to my unwanted weight, or anything else. For example, when my grandfather was diagnosed with diabetes, he changed his diet and over time the doctors could no longer detect any diabetes because his blood sugar was normal pretty much the rest of his life. He changed his mind and the rest followed. My uncle has the opposite story, he has a diabetes diagnosis, refuses to shift his eating in the least bit, doesn’t exercise and has moved into dialysis for kidney damage.

So the first step to healing is to acknowledge the situation and forgive yourself for believing the something that wasn’t true about someone, about something, about yourself. Then you can start raising your vibration and remembering who you really are. It is then you can release the sounds that create the disease, your old thoughts/words and embrace the new thoughts/words that will bring you back to wholeness and health. When you change your thoughts your actions will follow. This process applies to physical and emotional healing.

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