Embracing the Love and Gratitude That Comes with the Holiday Season

Embracing the Love and Gratitude This Holiday Season

December is here.  Let’s be clear, Christmas is my all-time favorite holiday!  All the songs, Hallmark movies, baking, eating, decorating, and celebrating and then opening presents.  And during these two weeks before the end of the year, I am also putting the finishing touches on my plan and strategy for the new year.  

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This year is no different, only I have less clarity than usual about what the year will bring.  So many opportunities and pitfalls to watch out for and address as the new year evolves, and so little control.

So, I started thinking about what I can do and control.  I can control my reactions to everything.  I can control my mindset and perspective.  So, I decided to make a small shift in my perspective so that I can change my experience, vibration, and energy in 2022. I will:

  1. Look at every situation to see how the Universe is gifting me and supporting my vision;
  2. Sit in equal parts gratitude and intentionality; and
  3. Hold compassion for myself.

So, I asked myself, what does this look like?  And I answered…It looks like: 

  • Giving myself a virtual hug and reminding myself that everything is in divine order, when I get anxious or scared because I am unsure about being able to do something.  It will be alright;
  • Asking myself about the lesson and blessing in a situation, and how I can use a misstep to create something special with a person, when I make what looks like a mistake;
  • Doing less in a day, so that I have the spaciousness and brain capacity to think and act intentionally with compassion for another person’s humanity in mind;
  • Showing gratitude at every turn, especially when others come through for me, because I want to honor the choice and the effort they made to support me and my vision.  Because they didn’t have to do it. And yet I want to honor their choice to support me with humility and gratitude; and
  • Choosing to see the best in myself and others, and how we are connected first, in every situation and acting on that.

So, I challenge you to walk in intentional gratitude and shift your perspective over the next 30 days until the new year so that we can grow in our leadership and our followership.  Join me on Instagram and share your experiences. @monikamossgransberry

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