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workshop or retreats. Copies of the book may or may not be on sale. We suggest you contact the event
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Life Mapping Events

Free Quarterly Life Mapping Conference Calls

Join author and master mapper, Monika Moss, for these informative calls and learn more
about Life Mapping and how you can create the life you have always wanted to live.

On this call Monika will share the magic of  the energy of each season and how you can
use this energy to get the clarity you need to manifest the next stage of your journey.
Monika in her candid and practical style will share the steps in the process, new updates
and insights, and answer your questions.

" I want to share with you at each of these powerful energy points in our calendar how you
can manifest your life in a way that is perfectly suited for you.  How you get move to being
happy, healthy, and whole everyday of your life's journey and create the life you have
always wanted to live right now.  Join me for these calls and let's create together."  
                                                                                Monika Moss-Gransberry

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March 21,  June 22,  September 27, December 20, 2016
Time:    8:00 pm EST
Cost:    Free

Online Life Mapping Program
If you are ready to stop talking about what you wish and start creating it, then you are
ready for Life Mapping

Do you want to put your values and hearts desire to work to make your dreams come true,
then you are ready for Life Mapping

If you
are ready get out of your own way so you can manifest your dreams, then you are
ready for Life Mapping

Don’t let another
day go by --- Create the life you have always wanted to live now. Sign up
for Life Mapping.  

Week 1: Vision – Owning what you want; controlling your thinking
Week 2: Current Reality – Where am I? Moving away from judgment
Week 3: Fear – What gets in your way? How is success scaring you?
Week 4: Relationships and Boundaries – setting, managing and being clear
Week 5: The Strategic Question and Moving with the answers

And begin the process of loving yourself unconditionally with no BUTs.
Everything is moving forward around us faster than we think.  This is the time to move
forward and thoughtfully.  Get ready to manifest the life you have always wanted to live
and create greater peace, healing, and happiness within yourself.  In the virtual space, we
will begin the journey together to reshape your life so that it is better suited for you.

Just 5 weekly sessions.
June 30, July 7, July 14, July 21, July 28, 2016 at 8 pm

Trust your spirit.

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Life Mapping For Couples

A Seminar for Couples wanting to move forward as one by bringing their hearts, their
dreams, and their spirits together.
  • Give your relationship a breath of fresh air
  • Take your commitment to the next level
  • Strengthen the spiritual foundation of your relationship
  • Move from focusing on Yesterday to painting a portrait of Tomorrow
  • Align your values, vision, and goals as a couple to strengthen your ability to
    manifest the life you want.

Coming to a city near you.

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