Finding Happiness in 2020

It was New Year’s Morning.  I was sitting in the kitchen at my cousin’s house.  People were starting to get up and move around.  I was journaling and this is what happened.  I noticed this feeling in my arms and across my chest.  The corners of my mouth kept trying to turn up, threatening to smile.  I had no specific thoughts.  I was totally content.  And I realized this feeling was happiness.  My 2nd experience after waking up on New Year’s Day was one of happiness.  The 1st was love.  And the 2nd was happiness.

How do we find happiness? One way to find happiness is by connecting to your spirit and allowing your spirit to lead and you follow that emotion.   By paying attention to what you want, to all that you already have that you are grateful for, to the excitement and anticipation of what is coming even when you don’t know how you will get it.  The practice of gratitude, of enjoying the journey to whatever it is that you want allows you to raise your vibration to be more aligned with who you really are.  The more you embrace who you really are, the easier it will be to find your happiness.  This practice allows supports your ability to experience that feeling of contentment and satisfaction in the moment, regardless of your circumstances.   So, I am wishing you happiness.  I am praying for you and your circumstances.  I am hoping that you find a way to feel your way to happiness.  In fact, I created Life Mapping to support you in your quest for happiness.  I welcome you to our Life Mapping Community! A learning community learning, healing and practicing the Law of Attraction and other spiritual principles that lead us to happiness, peace, joy, and love.  So, I am wishing you, A Happy New Year! From me to you!