Gratitude Lessons: Climbing Out of the Rabbit Hole

Today I am having an emotional day.  I am on a healing journey and sometimes that is a little messy.  We are in 30-days of gratitude, and I told myself I should be sharing every day.  So here I go.

I wrote in my newsletter for December that I had my new knees.  Then my surgery got cancelled and I didn’t catch it in time to make the change.  You see what happened is the doctor screwed up and didn’t order my custom printed knees so my surgery was postponed. I have been in limbo for 3 weeks waiting to hear “go” or “no go”.  I have done well.  I have been doing my healing mantras, meditating, counting my blessings, being positive, being kind to the doctor and his staff, taking advantage of the down time to catch up on things, heal, rest. I have had some much-needed quality time with Everett. 

Then today, as I walked to the farmers market it all unraveled and I have been feeling my feelings all morning.  Anger, frustration, fear, disappointment.  Then as humans do, my mind started to show me how other aspects of my life were also imperfect.  It felt like nothing was going right.  But I have been in gratitude over 10 days so I knew that was a lie.  I caught myself.  I said to myself, “That isn’t true. You are just scared and that is alright but don’t create this lie.  Your life is good. Count your blessings. The Universe has your back and always has.”

So my question became, How do I move in spirit and faith until I get clarity?  How do I listen to spirit long enough to get a clear answer and then obey without question?

We have to stop being like the Owl in the Tootsie Pop commercial – 1-2-3-crunch.  And be more patient with ourselves, others, and the Universe to get the answers and the learning to the questions we are seeking. 

Being in gratitude for all that we DO have.  Gratitude is a good way to hold what we want that has not yet manifested.  Gratitude allows us to be hopeful, excited and to strive without pushing or forcing. Gratitude helps us grow our faith. I didn’t do so good at that today.  And my gratitude practice helped me catch myself and get back centered.  It helped me climb out of the rabbit hole acknowledging my feelings yet not sinking into despair.

If you are struggling, if you feel challenged by your circumstances, if you long for things to be different… know you are at the first stage of manifesting.  You are experiencing the contrast.  The second stage is clarity of vision.  The third stage is believing.  The fourth stage is gratitude.  Then spirit will move you to action.  You will have the inspiration to do something.  It may come as a whisper.  It might be a small and simple step, seemingly unrelated. And when you take that step or action, you will be led to the next.

So, for example, I was crying and upset for a few hours.  Then I caught myself about to create a lie and I got inspired to journal.  Then came the wisdom as I journaled myself out of the rabbit hole of despair. Then I was inspired to share my journey with you.  Mission accomplished.  Universe answered a previous prayer for clarity.

If this message was right on time for you, let me know so I can see how the Universe is moving to support us both. Then share it with someone else to lift them up.

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