Gratitude Lessons: Spiritual Breakthrough

The thing about going down the rabbit hole is that it creates an environment of surrender.  You can’t hold on to whatever it was, you let go and that creates the crack in the armor that is an opportunity for a spiritual breakthrough.

Last week, I had the melt down.  I gave up on the idea that I could control anything.  I felt all my feelings and then climbed slowly out of the rabbit hole.

This week, I even gave up on the idea that I would get my knee surgery.  I hadn’t heard from the doctor so I just let go figuring it wouldn’t happen.  I heard myself say, I am going on with my life.  Well, last night the doctor called.  He even said he was sorry in a roundabout way for all I was going through.  Then we negotiated a date to reschedule.  It’s a tight window and I told him if not now, then we’d have to wait until next year this time.  Only, I can’t see how I will walk and travel and teach on this knee for another year which is why I said yes to his offer.

This morning, I did my routine.  Gratitude. Knee exercises.  Self-Reiki. And Meditation.  I really meditated, i.e. let go of my self-talk, thoughts and inner chatter and found silence.  In that silence, I found that golden light that is spirit.  Once that was present, I saw my spiritual or ethereal body leap up and spin around so happy and free as my physical body lay in the bed.  I found complete peace. No wants. No desires. Just peace. And then I heard Spirit, the voice that speaks without words.  “We love you” “Just write” “Share your purpose and your journey” and I said, “yes.”  And suddenly I had clarity and knew just what to do.  Meditate and write. Then share what I learned with you.

This is the breakthrough that I have been hoping for as a result of the Gratitude Challenge and this time off as I entered this healing journey for my knees and my spirit. 

So, Keep making your list of all the things you are grateful for over the next eleven days until the Winter Solstice on 12/21.  And join me and our Life Mapping Community in Celebrating the year that has been and setting our intentions for the new year.

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