Gratitude Lessons: The Value of Everyday Practices 

I was having a talk about the future with my mother.  She follows some serious spiritualists and she’d read that the prediction for 2024  is CHAOS. In thinking about all that is going on in the world, it makes sense.

The next thought is how do we avoid attracting chaos into our lives, and still manifest our intentions and goals despite the energy that is flowing around the planet? Or when that energy is flowing around us and from those closest to us?

The gratitude lesson from last year is that our spiritual practices are there in your everyday SO that when things get tough you have those practices to support you.

Case in point… When my surgery got postponed, I had to look up some mantras to support me moving to acceptance. My support group reminded me… Things happen for a reason, i.e., everything is in divine order.

I was angry, disappointed, and scared. AND when everything fell apart, I was aware that I couldn’t see the divine in my situation.  I did the mantras every time I dipped into frustration or fear.  I reminded myself of my intentions, how I wanted to spend my time during my medical leave, and that I wanted to use the time for rest and healing on more levels than just my knee surgery.

I was just starting the gratitude challenge, so I counted my blessings. I moved with my intentions for healing through meditation, reiki, meditation, journaling.  Sometimes I had to say the mantras aloud  hourly. And every day, I felt a little better. 

I didn’t know that I needed more time.

That work allowed me to close out some projects.  I was able to have some fun with Everett. I was available for a new client in crisis.  I slept a lot. I did my knee exercises.  I slept more.  I cleaned my office.  I meditated, did my self-reiki, and journalled.  I repeated all of these things. And importantly, I reconnected to myself and my spirit.

I went down the rabbit hole.  I felt all my feelings. I climbed out realizing that I might not get my knees done until next year (2024).  I surrendered – I let go and moved to acceptance.  I started to live my life.

Then the doctor called.  He had new dates for one knee and once I said yes, everything fell into place easily.

The Lesson:  When everything was falling apart, in the midst of the storm of uncertainty, I kept to my practices.  I held space.  I remembered my beliefs and grounded my thinking and actions in the spiritual practices that I had adopted.  These practices raised my vibration.  That allowed me to see the divine in my situation after the fact and to get the lesson.  And for all this I am grateful.

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