Thanksgiving is upon us.  The beauty of this holiday is that it reminds us to count our blessings and move with gratitude.  As a community, we are raising our vibration with our 2023 gratitude challenge. 

I’ve been preparing to have knee replacement surgery, a process that has brought to light my strengths.  Most of my life I have been striving to overcome deficiencies.  Losing weight, getting fit, achieving goals.  Undergoing  physical therapy, and all the things, has enlightened me regarding my physical strength, endurance, and capacity to manage pain.  I am thankful for how my knees have served me for all of these years.  I now realize all the stress I have put on my knees over the years and how they have carried me through doing everything I have dreamed of doing – dancing, hiking, ice skating, yoga, exercising, stretching, walking for miles and miles, and all the daily activities of living. Even as they started to be less functional they have still carried me.  And I am looking forward to my new knees with gratitude for all that I will be able to do after my recovery and rehab.

So, I invite you to join our community as we spend the next 30 days in gratitude for all that is and all that will be.  Click here to sign up for the Life Mapping Gratitude Challenge.

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