Holiday Blog Series: Community

This is the last in the series.  I hope you are getting what you need from this series of blogs.  I hope the new awarenesses, the ideas, the assessing you have been doing will support you in preparing for the new year.  Happy New Year!


As human beings, we are communal beings.  We need a place to belong, a  place where we can be seen and heard and loved unconditionally.  In theory, our families provide this function.  Only our families are often so dysfunctional that we don’t get that sense of belonging and unconditional love from our families of origin.  Families have through the ages grouped together for practical reasons, protection, survival, communal work.  It’s just easier for 10 people to build a house than for 2.  And gathering together provided a way for our species for procreate and continue to grow.

But we are also spiritual beings.  On a spiritual level, there is value in being alone.  There is also value in being with others.  Others inspire our personal growth and development.  We learn to work things out and communicate (or not).

As modern day human beings, we create all kinds of groupings and connections with others based on our interests and beliefs, our culture and heritage, and our needs and desires.  I belong to many communities.  I belong to a woman owned business group called NAWBO, I belong to the Gestalt OSD Community, I belong to the Move the Crowd community, my church community, my sister circle of women, my neighborhood, my local chamber of commerce, a leadership group.  Some of these communities are more satisfying than others.  Sometimes my membership is strategic.  Others personal and intimate.  We create families of choice to support us in addition to our birth families.

So what is it that we are looking for when we join community.  Mostly we are looking for love, a sense of belonging, a place to share life experiences.  We are looking for a place to fit in i.e. like-minded people.  We are looking for support – to give support and to be supported.  These are essential human needs.  Then we hop around from group to group looking for one that feels right, that gives us what we are looking for and helps us grow in a good way.

We are building and growing our community at Life Mapping.  We are creating a learning community.  Our purpose is to support each other’s growth and development as spiritual beings by learning unconditional love and self-mastery.  All of this, in our efforts to change our lives for the better and be healthy, happy, & whole.  And in the process, change the world for the better, one thought, one action, one person at a time.

I invite you to check out the community we are building.  Click here to learn more.