Holiday Blog Series: Support

This is the third of four in a series.  My intent is to explore these issues that get in our way.  Opening up to your own spirit is essential for your well-being.  Keep reading and try the exercises.


I remember each of my children when they were young and struggling to do something new, at some point in the process saying, “I do it myself”.  This reminds me that support is not someone doing it for you.

So what is support?  According to the dictionary, support means “to bear all or part of the weight”.  Another definition says “to hold up and to preserve; to hold up or add strength to, literally or figuratively”

Support in my world is providing a presence that the system cannot provide for itself.  Support is being present for another human being as they grow or learn to “do it” themselves.  The reason my children were able to “do it” themselves was the support I provided from creating a positive environment for them to try, to fail, to success to encouraging them, to being sure they had the fundamentals of life – shelter, food, clothing, safety, love, etc.  Support comes in lots of forms.  And we all need it.  Some days more than others.

So where do you go for support?  Who are the like-minded people who you can call on for support?  How do they show up?  How do you need them to show up for you?  How do you build a circle of support for your personal and spiritual growth?

I have benefited from creating circles of women who I could call on and who could call on me. Sometimes those circles met and engaged in a formal way, sometimes they were less formal.  I have used coaches and therapists over the years to assist me in moving through different challenges or learning something new about myself.  Books, videos, classes, and processes have supported me in learning and growing.  I am a member of a religious community, my church.  Worshiping in community has been very supportive of me over the years.  Having a community to support me in raising my children and reinforcing my basic beliefs and values was invaluable and gave us all a sense of belonging to something bigger than ourselves.

Today, we are building a supportive community of seekers and learners on our Life Mapping platforms.  The first cohort of members are joining December 1st.  It is exciting to think about how we will learn and growth together, all of the diverse viewpoints and conversations we will have online through our various Facebook groups, through our weekly live chats, and as we use Life Mapping in our daily lives to create the life we have longed for and create a better world in our small corners, homes, blocks, and community.  You have an open invitation to join our community.  Check us out at