It’s Easy to Get Distracted – Are Your Actions Aligned with Your Vision?

It is easy to get distracted by the next shiny object or the new idea.  I get hundreds of emails a week with well-intentioned people wanting to sell me the next new marketing strategy or lead generation service or any number of other products and services.  I wake up on any given day with 10 new ideas.  On any client call, my clients are generating new ideas for their business, their career, or their lives.

When you have a clear vision and begin moving to action, ideas will flow.  The key is that your actions aligned with your vision.  This is the thematic question when you move to implementation.  “Is this action aligned with my vision and values?”

Before you start changing your strategy, slow down and look at your vision and intention.

You may be like some of my clients.  What is behind your action?

Are you avoiding some part of their implementation? Is it out of fear?

Are you looking for a guarantee?  This is especially tempting if things are not manifesting as fast as they thought.

Are you tapping into a new line of creativity? Or Are you distracting yourself?

The clarity and honest in your answers will help you re-align your intention and actions.  Acting out of fear isn’t the energy you want to move with.  When fear comes up, you have the opportunity to get grounded and face your fear or worry and then you can re-commit to what you really want and who you really are.

Then you can vet and assess the idea or shift you want to make.  You can discern if this detour worth taking?  Does it strategically move them towards your vision?  If you do this, what are the unintended consequences?  Unintended consequences might be neglecting your current strategy before it has a chance to start working.  Other unintended consequences for business are cost and time it takes to make a shift.  What needs to change because of this shift in focus or strategy? Technology, other infrastructure,  redoing marketing  approaches and rewriting copy.  Are you risking a miscalculation of the need for the product or service because you didn’t test the market or do your research.

On a personal level, have you scanned and taken into consideration the politic, the impact on you and others of your shift in strategy or action.  The same questions apply around intention, avoidance, fear, new information, and most importantly are you centered and grounded and connected to yourself as you move to shift your actions and strategy.

Especially in America, we are quick to move to action.  We have a sensation and want to quickly label it and move to solution.  We push to get things done.  We push to make things happen and achieve our goals. We don’t always value to the marinating and the simmering process that allows us to create. We don’t always listen to our spirit or trust our intuition. I find myself saying to clients, “Go slow to go fast”.  Your ideal implementation strategy is easy.  It flows.  When you think about it, you feel good and you know just what to do.  You know exactly who to talk.  You generate action steps and to do lists with ease.  That is when you know that you are aligned with who you are and what is needed to move your vision now without creating blocks to your vision.


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