Kind Words

Praise for Our Workshops and Presentations

Here is what people said they took away from the workshops:

  • “Monika’s engaging style makes it easy.”
  • “Sharing and getting together – learning from each other.”
  • “I enjoyed the day.”
  • “2 things – 1) I have a starting point 2) I love her more than I did 10 min ago.”
  • “I enjoyed it – it’s like a refresher course.”
  • “Love Monika Moss-Gransberry! Love getting together with other inspired & inspiring business women! Thanks for a great night!”

Praise for the Book

This book is filled with great ideas and tools for those people who want to creatively invent the next steps of their lives. I loved the language Monika uses that is clear, rich and comes from the hearth. The most inspiring book I have read this year.

Amazon Reviewer “Piergiul”

I was struggling at my midlife age and wanted to read something that would help me deal with my internal spirit. This book gave me guideline to help provide guidance in regards to putting my life into prospective. I had fallen off track and I was all over the place. This book helps you think about not only your spirit but it helps direct you in taking steps that support your efforts of getting back on track.

If you’re at an age where you’re dealing with not knowing what you want to do, then I encourage you to buy this book. It will provide you with the fundamentals that will assist in putting you back on track in life. I’m glad I made the purchase and this will definitely be a great Christmas present for my other friends/family members who are struggling with putting their lives back on track. Amazon

Reviewer “Redirecting my Life”


Monika Moss manages to change the seemingly overwhelming challenge of recreating one’s life into a workable task. With perfect timing, this book appeared in my life and provided a much needed voice of affirmation. “Life Mapping” is straightforward and conversational in tone. It is a wonderful tool for anyone ready to make necessary changes in their lifestyle, and a strong reminder for those who may have already begun the journey.

Amazon Reviewer “E. Sam”

“This book really will change your life. I am living each day just as I want it to be. It is a tool that would change your life. Life Mapping brings clarity on how to manifest your ideal lifestyle by doing and writing it down the correct way to make things happen.”

Heather Stewart, Cleveland, Ohio

My first encounter with Ms Moss, in 1994; lead me to know this was someone very special. Over the last twelve years, I’ve watched the experience of time, information, love, grace, hope and peace; mold Ms Moss into a map, a real journey to self. I find the book completely engaging and an accurate account of what I have seen over the last twelve years.

John Harris, Utica, New York

Life Mapping is a tool for life. You will be glad to discover that this is a book you will use over and over again.

Connie Atkins, Entrepreneur, Cleveland, Ohio

Motivating and inspiring, Ms Moss’ book has reminded me that not only can I direct the course of my life; it is also never late to take hold of the reins.

Will Scott, Silver Springs, Maryland

Speaking Engagements

Monika and Everett are available to speak at your event. Just contact us with your event information and we will see what we can do to bring life mapping to your audience.