Listening to Spirit

Listening to Spirit

Everett is fond of saying “I am powered by God”.  So so true.  It is God’s spark that gives us all life.  And if we were to take that statement to the next level  – we would never worry or fret.  We would only listen to that whisper that feels like intuition or that voice that speaks without words, our spirit offering instruction, and obey.  We would always know exactly what to do without questioning, “why?” because we would be tuned in to a high power. 

God, the Creator, the Knower of all things, the Universe, would be guiding us to do exactly what was needed. Sometimes it would be to wash the dishes or clean the house and we’d be ready for that unexpected guest.  Sometimes it would be to sit still and wait.  Sometimes it would be to call a friend and listen to their story.  Other times it would be to build an ark like Noah did when he heard the call.

So often we are disconnected from our spirit and can’t hear the instruction.  Or when we do, we immediately start to question our intuition or inner knowing. Our ego takes over with questions and counterfactual thinking.

But on the days that I am able to listen to my spirit and obey without question, my life becomes easy and simple.  And when I find myself at a crossroads and I don’t know which way to go, I find myself asking the Universe, “What is needed now?” and waiting for an answer.

We want so many things, both tangible and altruistic.  We ask and then we worry.  That directly counters the way the Universe works.  Our greatest tool, the Law of Attraction, brings us more of what we focus on.  When we focus on our worries and fears, we get more of that.  When we realize that the Universe is bringing us what we want, we might be more willing to listen and obey the messages from Spirit that come as inclinations and intuitions.  

Life Mapping is a process that I have been given to help us make clear asks of the Universe, get out of our own way, and discern what actions are needed.

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