Life Mapping for Couples: What it is

So just how does the Life Mapping for Couples process work.  We take life experiences and mix that with the Life Mapping process, our knowledge of Gestalt Learning and Social Science,  and combine it with spiritual practice and critical thinking,  shake some intense love, honesty and trust on top. The result is a practice that not only is effective, it is without question the most powerful way to begin, correct, enhance, and solidify any relationship.

We are not clinical practitioners, if that is something that you need we can refer you to those resources, however, the process we use, will get you to a level of understanding that you have been looking for all of your life.

We are not here to be critical of how you manage your relationship or the process you use to determine if the relationship you might be in or thinking about getting into is correct. Our intention is to share with you a process that we, as a married couple, practice and to allow our success to validate and be documented so others may benefit from its continued effectiveness. 

There are definite risks associated with allowing the world to examine a process that we are incorporating as part of our life.  There are opportunities to challenge, debate, and even criticize every element of our life as we unveil our successes, and challenges while navigating our experience. 

We embrace your input and dialog as way to bring clarity to the information we present.  This is a journey that is long overdue. A way to infuse new life into relationships between two people, explore family dynamics, recognize the importance of your collective vision, making agreements, and examining the impact of the language that we use. 

If you are interested in learning more, join our beta group as we design a special program to strengthen the power of couples to manifest their vision.  Click this link to get more information by scheduling a call with Monika or Everett.