Love In Action

Love is a force that is not forceful.  Love is like water, it flows and moves.  It can create immaculate beauty.  Love has amazing power to shift and change people’s hearts and minds.  Love is as powerful as the thousandth snowflake that causes the avalanche or the power of a butterfly flapping its wings that creates the tsunami half way around the world.  Love is always at work.  So how is love at work in you?  How does love move mountains?  Please share your experiences in the comment section.


So much is going on in the world.  Much of it without LOVE.  How do we begin to combine our energies to support LOVE doing it’s perfect work in our world?  How do we become the millionth butterfly that flaps its wings?  How do we join the force of our LOVE with others to create positive change in the world in ways that we cannot even imagine?

We can let those who use the power of control & fear or the power of their might, create our world. Or we can counter that energy with the unlimited power of LOVE.  I am on the LOVE train.  Every day, I am joining with others in LOVE.  And I can envision a creating a world that is more of what my own making.  A world that is peaceful, joyful, abundant, caring, compassionate, mutually respectful, open, accepting, where everyone has everything they need and want, where everyone is safe, secure, and well cared for, and that one person’s wants don’t come at the expense of someone else because we have changed our minds from one of scarcity to one of abundance. We have changed our mindset from one of force to one of peace.  And it starts with each of us.  As we are evolving, we are coming to see that a different thought pattern is needed and that we have control over what we create with our thoughts.  Remember, thought is the most powerful action and we can regain control over our thoughts and use LOVE to create a world that is more humane and conducive to life.

We are building a learning community of like-minded people to create what some would call “heaven on earth”.  If you are interested in learning more, join our community.