Maintaining the High-Flying Energy of the Fall Equinox

Maintaining the High-Flying Energy of the Fall Equinox

I am still flying high from the energy of the fall equinox and our wonderful session with our Life Mapping community members.  Then it occurs to me, how do I/we keep that high-flying energy going until December’s winter solstice?  This is always the challenge.  You feel good, maybe even great, and then life happens, and you fall out of your high-flying vibration as you are impacted by the things that happen around you.  My son once commented that I was always happy, “even when someone dies”, he said.  At first, I was aghast and then I was proud.  Appreciating my ability to sustain my happiness, despite times when life events were not so positive.

 So, how does that work? Practice. Practice. Practice. Here’s what I do:

  • Practice framing life’s events in a positive light.
  • Practice gratitude, especially in those moments when I don’t get what I want, or things don’t go my way. Even when someone dies – I tend to celebrate their life with all the positive loving memories that I have.  Repeating, even through tears, all the things I am grateful for about that person’s impact on my life.
  • Practice resetting my vibration when needed through meditation or just taking a nap so I can let go of what is bringing me down.
  • Practice being around people who are like-minded, practice gratitude, and have a positive outlook on life.
  • Read, listen, and watch uplifting media (i.e., TV, videos, books, and social media).  Instead of watching the videos of two women fighting in the street, I watch Abraham Hicks talk about managing your vibration and the law of attraction. 
  • Go to church, occasionally. I have a wonderful church community that has been there for me.
  • Sit outside in nature silently and absorb the healing energy nature offers.
  • Work out – marking my calendar for 30 minutes with “move your body”. I almost always go over my goal of 30 minutes. I give thanks that I can move my body and for the strength that the movement gives my body.
  • Pay more attention to what is good in my life, rather than what is not or what I still don’t have.
  • Give thanks for things I want, even before I get them. “God, thank you in advance for the prosperity that is coming next week.”  “Thank you for the ability to invoice my clients.” “Thank you for my clients.”  And on and on until I fall asleep or need to move on to do something else.

We call these spiritual practices. We reap the benefits by doing these practices consistently.  The benefits of our spiritual practices, when we choose the ones that uplift our spirit, mind, and body, are that we feel good.  We are satisfied with ourselves.  We are happy. In our Life Mapping Community, we are exploring and learning about our practices.  The ones we do intentionally and the ones we do by default.  We are learning to be intentional with our thoughts, practices, and actions.  We are moving powerfully towards self-mastery by being intentional about our practices.   If that sounds good to you, join us.

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