Manifesting your Vision Requires Consistent Action

The COVID-19 pandemic showed us who had the technology of consistent action and who caved into the couch.  I was one that sat on the deck until it was too cold and then on the couch through the winter.  I gained the “COVID 15” (15 pounds that is) and did very little physical activity.  This is probably the longest time span that I have gone without regular exercise and physical activity in my entire life.  

Now, my task is to start moving in a good way that makes my body feel good.  It’s the consistent action or lack thereof that moves or stalls the momentum towards our goals.  This is the reason we started our online learning community.  We wanted to find and give support for the practice of Life Mapping and the principles that allow us to manifest what we want easily and consistently.  

And like physical activity and the health and well-being it provides, personal and spiritual growth requires consistent action.  When you fall off the wagon, no matter how long you have been doing your personal work, old habits can set in and cause you to lose ground.

The good news is that it is never too late to get in shape, either physically or spiritually.  You just have to start.  Last month, I started walking around the block every time I had a few minutes, once or twice a day.  Then I finally went to the gym to swim (chlorine kills COVID-19). And it has started a new momentum for me in my physical activity.  Your charge is to look at your goals for 2021 and see where you have fallen off your game.  Recommit to one thing for this month and let that momentum support you getting back on the wagon of consistent action.  For more support, join our Life Mapping Community. Click Here to learn more.


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