Mind Your Words

Mind Your Words

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We move towards the pictures we create.  And we share and create those pictures with our words. Words come from thoughts.  And as human beings, we have a bad habit of letting our thoughts run away from us. Then we add the energy of our words, making those thoughts more powerful.  Unconsciously, we end up creating an experience that we don’t want.  And when you ask people about their experiences, they have no idea how they happened to experience these unpleasant things.

Remember, the Universe doesn’t understand the word “not”.  It only offers you more of what you ask for.  And the more you repeat the same thoughts and words over and over, the Universe says ‘Oh they keep saying that word, they must want more of it.”

It is our job to think and talk more about what we do want than what we don’t want.  And when we find ourselves complaining, thinking negative thoughts, talking about what we don’t want, we have the opportunity to stop and reframe our words. 

This works for even the most mundane things.  For example, when you catch yourself thinking, “It will be hard to find a parking spot”.  Reframe the statement to something like – “Oh, I think this will be my lucky day and I will find a parking spot easily and quickly.”

I have a new habit.  I acknowledge what is and then I say, “Well, I don’t need to worry because things are always working out for me.”  “It will work out just fine.” “I am looking forward to seeing how this works out.” If there is something I need to do in support of everything working out, I can just do it happily because I know I am contributing to everything working out.

Start practicing today.  Reframe your “don’t want” statements into “do want” statements and remember everything is always working out just the way it needs to.  Our work is to keep our vibration pointed towards what we do want and enjoy watching it manifest.

This new practice of minding your words is especially important as the warm weather is arriving and our COVID fears have subsided.  While we were in our COVID caves, we didn’t interact as much with others.  And I am observing that some of us have forgotten their manners.  Some of us have forgotten how to share, take turns, and be kind to one another.  

As we are interacting more, especially in person, let’s remember that our words and actions matter.  Let’s make a commitment to lift up ourselves and others with kindness and compassion.

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