Moving with spirit in a physical world

Every day connect to spirit.  Let spirit move through you and envelop you with pure love.  Be still and be quiet and enjoy that good feeling, so good it’s almost overwhelming, that feeling of pure unconditional love from the Universe, Source, God, He who goes by so many names.  Do this for a period of time.  Even if, it is just 5 minutes. Then listen for what that love inspires you to think and do.  Do that thing before the day is done.

This you can do anytime, anywhere no matter your situation.  And the more you do it the happier you will become.  The more open you will be to receive what you have asked for; and the more at peace you will be.

You don’t need a class, a book or anything to do this.  You don’t need to quit your job or move to a new town to find this or to make a difference.  You just need to stop doing what you always do for 5 minutes a day and be still, stop thinking and feel the love that is available to you.

Then you will make a difference for yourself and those around you will see your light and be inspired to shift or change because you are so full of love.  And that is enough.

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