Pause to Re-envision Life

This year is on its way out and the new year is upon us in the next 30 days.  It’s time to revisit our life map, or create a new one, and envision the next phase of life and what we want to manifest.  I’ve been  forecasting my next 3 years.  I will be 65 years old and making a life transition.

What transition are you looking forward to? 

  • Kids going to elementary, middle, high school or off to college?  
  • Are you approaching the time when you will be an empty-nester? 
  • Are you making a relationship transition? 
  • Have you left a significant other? 
  • Are you entering into a new relationship? 
  • Have you recently been promoted? 
  • Are you Starting a business? 
  • Changing jobs? 

All of these life and work transitions call for a pause to re-envision life.  Even if you are steadily rocking out your goals, the end of the year is a great time to pause and revisit your life map or create a new one. 2023 has been an intense year for so many people on every level.  Take some time this month to look at all that has transpired.  Check the impact the events of 2023 have had on your life.  Create a gratitude list or join our gratitude challenge.  Then as you appreciate what has passed, start to lean into what you want to create in the new year and write it down.  On December 21, we will come together as a community to share our goals for 2024 and celebrate all that was as we ride the powerful energy of the winter solstice into the holiday season and new year.  To join us for the Winter Solstice Celebration, RSVP to this link.

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