Planning for Your Third Act – The New Retirement

Your Third Act

Retirement is often a scary prospect.  But in 2018, we are not planning your great grandmother’s retirement.  This generation of elders are more vibrant and active than their predecessors.  They have a lot to offer and are still dreaming of the contribution they want to make to the world after traditional retirement age of 65.  It has become a time for babyboomer and some who retire before 65 to follow their passion, to reinvent themselves and their lives in a manner that is more suited to who they really are and have become.

I want to suggest that you begin thinking and envisioning your third act.  What do you want to do, how do you want to live, what contribution do you want to make as you shift to your focus and work life to what we have traditionally called ‘retirement’ or what I have starting to referring to the ‘3rd Act’.

What does success look like as you age?  What is your ideal lifestyle now?  What contribution do you want to make as an elder in the community?  These are the questions I have been supporting my clients over 50 to address as their energy and focus shifts to elderhood.  What the research shows is that elders who have a vision, a purpose and clear goals that motivate them to stay active and engaged live longer more vibrant lives after retirement.  To figure out what your third act looks like, RSVP for my next webinar Wed, August 22, 2018 at 8 pm EST.

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