Q2- Your 90-Day Action Plan

Don’t miss out on the 90-Day Action Planning Process for Life Mapping. This process is about taking the small consistent actions each season to support your manifesting your goals and vision for the year and your life. It is these consistent actions that will invite the Universe to partner with you, give your small wins to celebrate along the way, and encourage you to see the progress you are making.

As I have discussed in previous blogs and calls, I have my Life Map, my big vision, and then an annual picture using SMART goals to support me finding manageable chunks that I can accept for the year. I believe it’s possible to accomplish the goals I set. They may be a bit of a stretch but they feels doable, they feel good, etc.

Then I plot out monthly and quarterly goals. There are even smaller bite-sized chunks that feel really doable and practical, that are in my control, and that will lead me to my bigger goals. In fact, they make my annual goals seem almost inevitable.

I also work quarterly, because things change. How I think things are going to happen inevitably shift and change with my ability to stay in the receiving mode and to focus on what is my work to do in any given moment, week, month, etc. Also, I can hold these quarterly goals in my consciousness on a daily basis.  I have a little post-it on my laptop to remind me to stay focused.

I set 1-3 quarterly goals and move toward them in a good way every day.

Like this quarter, I am all about our members. Thus this reminder.  Download the 90-Day action plan.  Use it, make it work for you, let us know how you are doing with setting and manifesting your quarterly on the member facebook page.

Download Your 90-Day Action Plan