Self-Care is an Act of Self-Love

If someone were to ask us, “do you love yourself?” Our answer would be a resounding “yes.”

And if an outsider looked at what we do all day and into the night, would our actions demonstrate that love?  Would the conversations we are having with ourselves demonstrate our self-love?  

I challenge each of us to slow down and care for ourselves the way we would care for the person we currently love most. 

An act of self-love is:  

  • Caring for our health 
  • Offering ourselves compassion 
  • Being gentle with our words as we speak about ourselves
  • Giving ourselves more space in our calendar between meetings to take care of ourselves i.e. breathe, pee, drink water, or walk around 
  • Turning off social media and the TV so we can be quiet and still 
  • Choosing to do something we enjoy without guilt or explanation
  • Making time to move your body, eat healthy foods, and sleep an extra hour a day

We are entering the month of February.   A month that symbolizes love.  Accept the challenge to first love and show love to yourself.  Pick one thing you will do to show self-care and self-love every day this month.  See how your life changes.  See how your attitude shifts.  See where you are on the happiness scale.  Then reach out and let me know the impact you had on yourself.

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