Self-Love: the way to everything

Self-Love, real unconditional love for yourself and the pure spirit within you is the key to everything you ever wanted.  My Dad used to say you can’t love anyone else until you love yourself.

Everett and I have a great love story as we followed the law of attraction to find each other and then intentionally using life mapping to envision our relationship and manifest our life together as a couple.  But it all started with us being willing to do our inner work.  Doing your inner work is the undoing of the thoughts and mindsets that hold you back.  Then, allowing those thoughts and beliefs evolve into ones that support you changing your life experience, little by little.  This is how you begin attracting all that you desire.

It is so about self-awareness and then healing what is in your way. Your inner work is about connecting to your inner self and finding the pure love that your inner self has for you.  I can tell you from experience that when you start to feel that pure unconditional love for yourself you will be overwhelmed in the best way possible.

As for love… once you love yourself and are happy with who you are, your vibration will rise and you will be able to attract that person who has been getting ready for you all this time.  Before that you are only attracting those people into your life that are attracted to your wounds and are there to help you decide to do your inner work, love yourself and move powerfully towards your own happiness.  No other person will complete you.  You are already complete.  Heal the thing that hurts and become your true and amazing self.   Then instead of attracting someone who is broken you will attract that person who is healed.   I was broken.  I healed my spirit and my heart and I found a deep love of myself.  Then as I lived in my happiness and practiced these technologies, I listened and obeyed that quiet whisper one night and met the man of my dreams –  a man perfectly compatible with who I had become.  You can do the same.  You have already started on your beautiful journey to wholeness, health and happiness.

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