Spring is coming! Celebrating the Spring Equinox!

The Spring Equinox arrives this week.  It tells us spring is coming.

Spring is the time to prepare the soil, sow seeds, and celebrate the rebirth of the earth after the winter.  The days start to get longer and the temperature starts to warm.

Spring brings a levity that is welcomed after the cold dark winter (at least in the northern hemisphere).  The Sun shines and awakens all of nature including us.  Whatever you have been dreaming of, healing from, contemplating over the winter will bear fruit in the spring.  Pay attention to what is coming your way.

Law of Attraction has been listening to your thoughts and words all winter long.  Your thoughts and words have created a momentum.  When is brings you the good you have been praying for, we call it fate.  When it brings us things we find unpleasant we call it karma.  As far as the Universe is concerned it is all the same energy.  Whatever you continue to pay attention to you will continue to get more of that.  Life Mapping is how we train ourselves to become conscious creators by paying more attention to what we want than what we don’t want.  By finding joy in life’s little things and mastering our thoughts and words so we are constantly creating and manifesting a life that we can enjoy.

On Wednesday March 20, 2019 at 8:30 pm EST, we are hosting our annual Spring Equinox Celebration where we will explore the opportunity that the Spring Equinox brings us and remind ourselves of what we want to be creating this year.  Click Here To Join Us.

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