Summer Solstice June 21, 2018

Summer is a glorious time of year.  And the Summer Solstice is magical.  On the physical plane, it is a time when in the northern hemisphere, the day is the longest and in the southern hemisphere the day is the shortest as the earth rotates around the sun and the sun shifts its position on the earth.  In many northern places that are closer to the north poles, this is the night where the sun does not set. This brings about the phrase, the long days of summer.  The Solstice is the time where the sun begins to shift and the days start becoming shorter leading us towards to the winter solstice in December.  It is also usually the time where farmers have planted their crops and are waiting for plants to grow and yield fruit.

On the spiritual front, the Summer Solstice has been a time throughout the ages where people have celebrated the life giving forces of the sun and all the ways it creates abundance, light, and energy for our planet and its inhabitants.

As you think about the summer solstice and what you are manifesting in your life, it is a perfect time to give thanks for all of the blessings and discern what is needed now for you to manifest the life style you desire.  Even the farmer, tends to his/her fields during summer to nurture them along, make sure that they have enough water and shade if needed to grow and prosper.  It is also a time of waiting because nature can’t be rushed.  Despite our technological advances, plants grow on their own pace and being in the timing of the earth/sun’s cycles are critical to a good harvest.  Being in the timing that the Universe has for us is also critical to our ability to manifest our goals. So the Summer Solstice reminds us of both the need to act, nurture ourselves and the things we are doing to manifest our deepest desires and also the need to “be” and allow for the divine timing of the Universe to support us in manifesting a good harvest when its time.

So I invite you to celebrate the solstice with me on my Summer Solstice Life Mapping session and explore how you are doing and being in your efforts to create or manifest the things that you want in life.

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