Celebrate the Transformational Power of Gratitude

Celebrate the Transformational Power of Gratitude

The world is reeling from all the transformational cycles that are in process at once. From the COVID pandemic to astrologically significant once in a lifetime events that are changing the world in which we live. These societal and spiritual transforming events require that we become more intentional and focus our thoughts, actions and efforts. As we set our goals for the new year, I want to encourage us all to be very intentional. 

What is the intention behind the gratitude challenge?

To raise our vibrations. Gratitude requires that we pay more attention to what we do have and appreciate than what we do not have.  It impacts our parasympathetic system, affecting our nervous system, digestion, and more. The act of gratitude raises our vibration and requires us to become aware of our thoughts and feelings and thus gives us practice in being intentional.  Being mindful and raising your vibration helps you to manifest the things, the life you want.

We are in the midst of our 30-Day Gratitude Challenge,  as a community. Thus far, it’s been an immensely powerful and uplifting endeavor. Everyone has been impacted differently and there are some thematic similarities.  First, we just feel better. The energy is lighter.  We have become more aware. For me, I spot my energy shifting to the negative and am catching those thoughts before they form, reframing my thoughts as I go. The very act of catching my negative thinking and reframing it becomes an intention habit over time just as listing things we are grateful for each day. These two things support us with getting out of our own way as we look to manifest our vision.

Everett and I are in the midst of setting our goals and intentions for the new year. We are paying attention to the things we want, want to do, and need to do. I find myself holding my thoughts very intentionally, so as to illuminate resistance before it has the opportunity to be created or gain any momentum. It is very exciting. But I have been practicing life mapping for over 30 years. I have been working my life map and learning so much about self-mastery that when I am intentional and aware, I have the opportunity to manifest anything I can accept.

On December 21, 2022, join us as we celebrate the transformation of gratitude and set our intentions for 2023 on the powerful evening of the winter solstice. Click to RSVP


Preparing for the Winter Solstice

To prepare yourself for the winter solstice and the new year, start doing a little dreaming about what is possible in 2023. Which of your ideas are ripe and ready for action. Think about the opportunities that are in front of you.  What do you want?  You are likely to have more ideas on your list than you can accomplish with intention.  So, prioritize first things first. What is one thing you can do that you 1)have the capacity to do and 2) would open the pathway for you to manifest the lifestyle and impact and the things you want most .  Be sure that no matter what else happens, you do that thing.  Keep it in front of you and do something every week towards making that thing happen.

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