Trauma: 7 Things You Can Do to Jump Start the Healing Process

Trauma: 7 Things You Can Do to Jump Start the Healing Process

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My daughter’s spiritual teacher announced as part of their spring equinox event that this is a season of healing trauma.  For me this means facing things you have buried and tucked away with all the real reasons and excuses that exist.  And if you don’t have a clue what to do about it, it means as

king for help and support to examine, reflect on the negative things that impacted your life and how those things have become blocks that keep you from moving powerfully forward with your self-esteem and your self-worth intact.

Here are some ways to start the healing process:

  1. Engage a therapist to talk about what needs healing
  2. Journal about your feelings and identify what you need to move forward
  3. Write a letter to the person that hurt you and move to forgive them so that you reclaim your power       
  4. Write a letter to yourself and forgive yourself for not being able to stop or avoid the hurt
  5. Do a cord cutting ceremony to reclaim your personal energy
  6. Meditate for 21 days to raise your vibration (i.e., spend 20 minutes a day clearing your mind of the constant chatter)
  7. Every time thoughts about the hurt come up – remind yourself that happened in the past and you have an opportunity to transform that energy

Retelling and reliving your trauma is not healing.  Nor is ignoring what happened and stuffing down your feelings.  Self-medicating with food, alcohol, drugs, sex, etc. doesn’t facilitate healing.  You will know when you have healed because that topic will no longer bring up powerful feelings.  You will feel at peace with the topic and will find that you think about the incident less and less over time. You will no longer be acting out of that pain and hurt but will be free to make decisions that are not driven by what happened in the past.

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