About Us


I’m Monika Moss-Gransberry and I’m on a life long journey to wholeness. As a child I was fortunate to be a free spirit in a small college town of Durham, New Hampshire after my parents divorced and my mother took a job at the university there. Then, with all my teen angst, I moved to Louisiana to live with my dad and 2nd mom, The Duchess. So much growth and development happened there. I discovered who I was, I met extended family, I explored my talents, and I grew up.

But that journey to wholeness became conscious and intentional when I arrived in NYC for graduate school in August of 1983.  I remember walking down the street towards my Harlem apartment, 5th floor walk-up at W 110th and Manhattan Ave prior to gentrification.  And I distinctly said to myself, “I need to learn to love myself just the way God made me.  That includes my hair.  I don’t even know what it looks like.  I need to love the hair God gave me not the hair I got from Revlon.”  And I began letting my hair go natural.

Game on.

I’ve used many methods to work towards wholeness, including theatre, art, therapy, books, religion and other spiritual practices, leadership training, coaching, and most importantly Life Mapping.  I was searching for a way to find direction and sort out my choices and figure out a way to get from where I was to where I wanted to be.  That process became what is now Life Mapping.  And I have been living, working, allowing, learning, and executing my Life Map ever since.  Now I am in the enjoyment phase and the sharing phase of my Life Map.

Now I have the honor of assisting others on their journey to wholeness.  This is my calling–my purpose–and the path that led me to write the book, Life Mapping: A Journey of Self Discovery and Path Finding.

I am finally owning my purpose: to learn and teach unconditional love. It’s what Life Mapping is all about! I serve to support each person I encounter moving towards being healthy, happy and whole. And often that means finding the life that they want.

We all have a dream.  Mine is a vision of a life wrapped in happiness, peace, health and joy. We hold our vision tight and strive to reach it as we grow and evolve.  But sometimes, we need a little guidance to live our dream. A gentle hand to support our journey, as we navigate the unique obstacles that may be blocking our path.  Life Mapping can be that support.

My life is living proof that Life Mapping works.  I use it in my life every day.  Now I wake up excited, happy, joyful, amazed at all that has been created in my life and I am just giddy all day long.  

I can say without question – I absolutely love myself and my life.

I honor and cherish the support I have received to get to this point in my life.  And I am thrilled and honored to be able to support others who are seeking to step into their dreams.  And that might be you.  Are you ready to live the life you have always dreamed of but were not sure how you would manifest it?

Some other facts about me that have shaped my work and gotten me to this point in life – my credentials:

  • Over 30 years consulting and coaching practice serving small businesses and nonprofit organizations and their leaders
  • Degrees from Howard University & Columbia University
  • Certifications as a Gestalt OSD Practitioner, ToP Technology Facilitator, in NCBI Diversity Leadership and more
  • Learned from many spiritual teachers
  • Faculty at the Gestalt Organizational Systems Development Center
  • Teaching experience with the Goldman Sachs 10K Small Business Initiative, Fordham University, Cleveland State University
  • Senior coach & trainer at Move the Crowd
  • Regular speaker and trainer at national and regional meetings and conferences
  • Author of Life Mapping: A Journey of Self Discovery and Path Finding & The Technology of Doing, Creating & Being
  • Contributing author of Embracing Culture Competency: A Roadmap for Nonprofit Consultants
  • Have supported thousands of individuals learn to accomplish their goals

Monika is available for speaking engagements or to present a workshop at your next event.  Contact us for more information.


My name is Everett Gransberry. I am a personal practitioner of Life Mapping. Monika and I have been using Life Mapping since the beginning of our relationship to map out our future, and we are enjoying that vision as it manifests in our daily lives.

My background and my life are literally a culmination of the types of challenges we all face at one time in our lives. The fact that these experiences could be brought to clarity speaks to the power of life mapping and how effective the practice can be.

My background and educational portfolio begins with the loss of my parents at an early age ( 9 years and 10 months) when I lost my Father, 1 year and a half after the loss of my Mother. The youngest of 12 children birthed by either one or both of my parents at a time when society made decisions for families without concern for the best interest the children but rather the one-sided moral belief system of a European culture.

Four of my sisters and I were given the opportunity to live with my mother’s best friend who became my foster mother. I am eternally grateful for her providing a form of stability that shielded me to a degree, from the harsh realities that were beginning to form because most of my siblings were scattered across the city.

This beginning stripped away some of my ability to bring clarity to my life situation, create a plan for my future, and manage my feelings. My anger at the loss of my parents, disconnect from family structure, and age; all played an integral part in my misguided journey. None the less I managed to finish high school and go on to college.

I draw on so many observations from my work with youth, their parents, and my very large extended family system, in social work, education, sales, management, and criminal justice as well as several entrepreneurial ventures. I also learned so much from my experiences owning a bar in Milwaukee for over 7 years. These experiences seem disconnected to most people, but the lessons learned, the clarity it brought to my ability to communicate with people and connect it to my true purpose, has led me to use these gifts as one of the primary tools in the practice of life mapping.

Up to the story of meeting Monika and finally finding a life partner that I could create with and make a life that would be healing and enriching and so conducive to what I am striving to be about as a person.

It is our purpose and joy that I share our experiences and teachings in support of your manifesting your truth and the life you envision for yourself.

Qualifying Credentials:

  • Attended Marquette University
  • Graduated from California State University Northridge – Bachelors Degree in Social Work
  • Memberships: National Association of Blacks in Criminal Justice
  • Member of the Marriage Ministry for St Agnes + Our Lady of Fatima Church