Amazing Things Can Happen

I’ve been getting out into the world for work and socially.  It feels good, however, it’s exhausting.  Sometimes I just want to run away and live like I’m on vacation until my money runs out.  I believe many people are tired and want to escape.  I wonder if that is how this new batch of small, cowardly men got control of the world.  Like us, they are weaker.  But unlike most of us, they have amassed wealth and power and think that what they want trumps what the rest of us want and need.  Their egos and greed are endless.  Their willingness to sacrifice all of us to get it is also endless.  There is a myth that I hold that once there was honor among thieves.  But the more I think about it, the more I realize that over the ages, these kinds of men, and the wreckage they leave in their wake, have no honor, values, or beliefs that temper their decisions and never have.

But we have fallen asleep.  Checked out. Become hopeless. Run away from our responsibilities to each other.  We have pledged our allegiance to the God of Money.  We escape through our TVs, our alcohol, our food, our sex, our video games and apps, our drugs, our religion, and all of our other addictions that help us feel better thus avoiding reality.  Then something happens that reminds us that we are in danger.  Something happens that reminds us that we can make a difference despite all the voices of disenchantment, conspiracy, and doubt. 


I want to say that you are stronger than you think.  You cannot let daily living traumatize you.  You are surviving and maybe thriving.  You have the ability to create the life you want.  Only having the life you want in a world that is moving in the opposite direction of freedom, love, beauty, and joy, is not going to be sustainable.  At some point, the danger will impact you.  Because if we continue to let the world be run by those with low vibrations, and all that low vibrations bring to life, we won’t be able to live the life we most want. 

It is time for us to wake up.  Put on our big girl and big boy pants and take care of our society.  Starting with making the necessary changes in our personal life.  Then by supporting the positive, uplifting changes happening in our hearts, in our homes, on our block, in our city and every city around the world. If each of us does something good for someone else, we can create such powerful momentum that the whole world will be transformed to the next level of spiritual evolution. 

I know it’s hard to believe.  How can random acts of kindness change the planet? It’s such a radical idea.  But think about it.  If everyone in the world, or even half of the people on the planet, does something good for someone else it means they won’t be doing something that oppresses, hurts, or destroys someone or something.  If you think about how much good could happen just in your community and extrapolate that shift to every community around the world, you will see that amazing things can happen.  You will see why when there is a world prayer going on, things change. If half of the people on the planet would stop and do something kind for someone else…  It would stop wars for the moment.  It would stop child abuse.  It would stop people from shooting each other.  For a few moments, the world would stop, and everyone would experience something good or see someone experience something good.  Some comfort or soothing of their soul.  They might experience love for the first time.  Sharing some kindness in a world of potential horrors would create hope.  We’d all want more.  And maybe it will happen again. And then again. And maybe we would get a new addiction.  An addiction to uplifting kindness.  To love in its purest form.  That would really be something amazing.

 Act Today 

I’m gonna do it. I’m gonna start today because I don’t want to miss the opportunity to do it on the day everyone decides to do it.  I want my energy and my kindness and love to contribute to the big momentum that changes the world for the better.  And I suggest that you do it too.  That you tell everyone you know to do it and keep doing it until we get enough people to share some kindness to someone else all on the same day and we change the world.  Join me.  Share love and kindness to everyone you know or meet until the world is changed forever.  Join me in changing the world.  Ashe’

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