Co-creating Our Experiences

Co-creating Our Experiences is
Like Planting Seeds

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Spring arrives on March 20 with the spring equinox. Spring is the time when we plant seeds for the summer and fall harvest.  Energetically, we also plant seeds with our intentions.  Planting seeds is a natural part of the human thought process and the first step in the process of manifesting what you want.  What gets in the way is our feelings and thoughts of resistance. 

Here is an example: I am going downtown for a meeting. I hope I can find a good parking space. I will set my intentions for a good parking space. Oh, I forgot my meeting is at lunch hour.  There probably won’t be any free parking spaces.  I better have a backup plan in case I can’t find a space.

When you move away from resistance, your thoughts might sound like this:  I am going downtown for a meeting. I hope I can find a good parking space. I will set my intentions for a good parking space.  I can see myself arriving at a good parking space just as someone is pulling out.  Let me feel my intuition and discern which way to go downtown so I drive right up to my good parking space.  Let me slow down and listen to my intuition so I am holding positive space for my good parking space.  I am almost there.  It will be interesting to see which of the spaces I am thinking of will be free.  They are all good.  Here we go.

The second example creates positive momentum for the Universe to co-create the parking space you want. While the first example starts the negative self-talk that erases the positive momentum and gives you exactly what you are thinking about … not finding a good parking space.

Managing our thoughts and emotions is the primary work of manifesting and self-mastery.  When you have negative thoughts, it is a signal that you have resistance to the thing you want.  Using the tools available to us, breathing, meditating, and focusing our thoughts on the thing we want, all help us to manage our resistance and create positive momentum towards the thing we are wanting.  This is how the #lawofattraction works.

Warning: You cannot fake out the Universe.  The Universe knows your heart and your emotions.  So, while you might be able to fake it until you make it to other human beings, the Universe will peep your denial and move accordingly.

Lastly, in our Life Mapping Community, we are practicing our manifesting muscles on small things, like a parking space, so that when we get to the big things, we have good muscle memory in our spirit of co-creating our experience and the things we need.

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