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We have entered new period of evolution for human beings. We are rejecting some of the power and control systems that people have created for our society. There is new thinking that is now taking hold across a broad spectrum of people. People are realizing that it is natural to feel good and they want that happiness, purpose driven, abundant life.

Everything you are encountering and seeing, all the thousands of people who have been inspired to share their story, create a process, share a way for you to live your best life, make millions, start a business, become a coach, deliver a course, are all part of the energy of evolution that is stirring in the Universe now based on all the things we have all asked for in our effort to feel better, live better and do better.

We are here to help you figure out how to allow yourself to manifest your deepest desires so you can feel happy and fulfilled.

As we humans do, we want to quantify that process into simple linear steps that guarantee success.

But hear me. It is not the steps. It is your thoughts that create your experience. And you can change your experience by focusing your thoughts on what you do want vs what you don’t want. You can create anything you desire when you connect to your spirit and move away from judgement, doubt and fear. Judgement, doubt and fear only create resistance to your prayers and wishes manifesting in your reality the same way those wishes manifest in the spirit world as soon as you ask.

So, you ask. Then the next step is to get in the receiving mode. Then listen and obey the instructions your spirit gives you so you can receive what you have asked for. It means you need to connect to your spirit, stop talking and asking, be quiet and still and wait for the answer.

We all need practice with this step. So we are building and gathering a community of like-minded individuals who can create a space for all of us to practice and grow our ability to manifest all that we desire. A learning community that will allow us to move ourselves along the journey of self-mastery; to be able to talk to others who won’t think we are weird because we are practicing, learning and growing with this natural process called Law of Attraction.

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  • If you know you are on your journey
  • If you’ve felt the spark within you and have answered the call – Yes, I am ready!
  • If you are ready to participate in a community of like-minded people who are also on their journey
  • Join us in creating this Life Mapping Community of Practice

Get in at the beginning and help us to shape the space, influence and be influenced as we co-create our community so it is perfectly suited for us.

Don’t wait. Join our community now and get the support you need to be all of you were born to become.

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What is clear to us is that changing your thinking is such a simple concept. Yet, it is a complex web of shifting beliefs and undoing long held teaching to actually change your mind and your thinking.

That is why our books and courses offer exercises that allow you to build your mental muscle and practice the change you want to create in small easy ways. Then you can work up to manifesting the big things you have dreamed of all of your life.

It is invaluable to be around others who are working on the same stuff you are. Being connected to people equally committed to living their dreams and learning to integrate the spiritual and personal development skills you have been learning.

This is what inspires us to offer this Life Mapping membership.

  • Be more powerfully connected to your spirit and the Universe
  • Learn to allow and to manifest easily and consistently
  • Find more joy, peace, happiness and love in your daily existence

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The Life Mapping membership is for those who are committed to their self-development and self-mastery. If you want to be connected to like-minded individuals, join our growing Life Mapping Learning Community.

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Plus, access to weekly live Q&A sessions with Monika & Everett.

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The cost of the investment in your self-mastery and be a part of a growing community of learners is only $99 per year or just $9.99 per month.

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