Survival and Thriving: Using Life Mapping to Seed the Future You Want

First, our prayers go out to the first responders, those who are sick, or hungry, that are in negative home or work situations on top of the anxiety and uncertainty of the pandemic.

Although, some states are trying to open the economy, we are still constantly tracking the coronavirus and its ancillary impacts.  It is almost all we can think about.  It is definitely, all the media and everyone we know are talking about and rightly so.  COVID19 is a global pandemic, the stuff movies are made of and it’s not over yet, despite how much we want to return to what we think of as “normal”.  Up until this point, we have been focused on survival.  We were doing good to see what was needed today or for the week.

Last month, we were all figuring out what our survival plan, 30 days at a time as things were changing daily.  Some of us in our Life Mapping community could only figure out how to survive 7 days at a time.  It all depended on our individual situations at home and at work.  We have been waiting to see if the promised help from the government will come.  Many of us are still waiting.  We are looking for ways to extend our “runway to survival” and give ourselves a moment to move out of desperation and be able to think.  And that is what this blog is about Envisioning our Future and Extending the runway of Survival to meet it.

Lately, Everett and I have started turning our attention from survival to what life will be like at the end of this crisis. We are thinking about what life we want life to look like on the other side of this.  Life as we know it, is different than it was 45 days ago. Some things will certainly be changed forever.  We have certainly been creative in all the ways we have been in touch with others, celebrated birthdays and other special occasions, dealt with loss, and dealt with work.  We have begun to think about what we want to affirm on the other side of this pandemic?  What things do we want to continue to do even as things open up?  What do we want to use our thoughts and actions to create?  And as we focus on our life map and our vision, we are looking for opportunities to grow, move closer to our ideal lifestyle, and move our vision forward.

Our community is using Life Mapping to help each other stay grounded and centered and to raise our vibration so we stay lifted up and continue to ward off fear and desperation.  We are connecting monthly to share strategies and think through our next 30 days and start to plant seeds now for what we want to create on the other side of this crisis.  Life Mapping offers us the opportunity to start to re-envision a world and a life for ourselves after the coronavirus.

You can start by just envisioning your world at home and see what is possible as you shift or change your thinking.  Then you may be able to see what is needed and possible with your relationships and other aspects of your life that are in your control.  Then based on your long term vision, the one you have already been dreaming of or a new idea; then you can discern what is possible for you over the next 12-18 months as we watch the pandemic reach its peak and beyond.  What is it that you want to imagine or create.  How do you focus your thoughts and words to begin to create that experience for yourself.  Then what actions can you do from where you are to begin to lay the foundation for that vision.

This month’s COVID Life Mapping session, we are  asking the question: What can you do over the next 30 days that will seed or support your vision over the 2nd half of the year and beyond?

Our next session on May 14th for the Survive & Thrive Conversation online with our Life Mapping Community.  Here is the link to RSVP.

See the Youtube recording of this session.