What America’s Got Talent Teens teaches us about Law of Attraction

So, what does America’s Got Talent Teens have to teach us about Law of Attraction and resistance?

Today, I got distracted watching America’s Got Talent Teen on youtube. These kids are great!  They are so shy and quiet and then they burst out into their big superstar self.  A self that they have only shown to their best friend and their parent waiting in the wings, maybe.  The thing with these young people is… they have very little resistance or negative thoughts about what they want and what they are doing at that very moment.  It’s been all about getting there.  And they put it all out on the stage and to their surprise they are well received by the audience and the judges.  These young people are a perfect example of the law of attraction manifesting in who they really are.  Their inner self becomes visible for all of us to see.  It’s quite incredible.  And so is your inner self. So how are you holding back?  What is your inner dialogue?  How are your words and thoughts doing something other than having you love yourself and be all that you have come to this life to become? How is your resistance blocking you manifesting what you most want?  What will it take for you to let that go? What will it take for you to embrace your inner self and your inner knowing and move to a place where you manifest your deepest dreams?  Join our community and join in the conversation.